Thursday, January 15, 2009

hungry for more... (a push)

I know of several L(i/y)n(d)s(a/e)ys out there who I should be in contact with, but who have not contacted me or whom I have not yet contacted.

I think you/they/we should though. Very soon.

There are more & more increasing ways that people whose first or last name bears a phonetic close resemblance to Lindsay can be involved with Approx L. It could be as simple as recorded phone calls or sending recordings via email. Or it could involve your hands & skills, such as basic construction, lighting design, graphic design, website design, pr consultancy, etc. Or maybe you live in Portland & have a car & would be willing to help cart around people & materials in preparation for the gallery show in May. Or whathaveyou.

Approx L is a team effort that depends on the unruly materiality & improbability of Lindsay-ness. All participants will be credited as collaborators in every increment of the project (performances, videos & installation). Additionally, Approx L serves as a means by which L(i/y)n(d)s(a/e)ys can meet, interact & begin to speculate on their own Lindsay-nature for themselves; amateur sociology.

Please (continue to) point potential participators to this blog &/or my email address listed in rainbows to the right.

I await...

~ Bethany

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